The VELscope is a hand-held device that provides the dentist with an adjunctive tissue examination system for the early detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous oral tissue and a wide variety of other oral diseases. It is used in conjunction with the conventional intra-oral and extra-oral head and neck exam and facilitates the detection of tissue abnormalities before they become visible to the naked eye. This exam is painless, non-invasive, emits absolutely no radiation, and can save your life.

The VELscope plays an important role in the fight to reduce oral cancer mortality and morbidity which is on the rise. Oral cancer was once usually detected in middle age patients or older. However, it is now being found in younger patients and has been linked to the Human Papilloma Virus. If found early, oral cancer’s 5-year survival rate is 80%-90%, but if found late the 5-year survival rate is only about 30%.

The VELscope is used on all patients regardless if they have all their teeth or wear full dentures. Please call us to schedule an exam and an oral cancer evaluation.
Visit the VELscope website to learn more.



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