I would like to thank you for the smile you have created for me. I can’t believe how natural the crowns and implants appear. The care and attention to detail was amazing and the service I received was excellent. You and your entire staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I can’t express my sincere gratitude for the difference you have made to my appearance

Thank you again for all the hard work as well as your time and effort, helping me through the entire process. I will be forever grateful for my new SMILE!

With sincere thanks, gratitude and a big SMILE,

Janice C.
For years we have been fortunate to be under the care of the team at Ocean Dental Expressions. We feel so comfortable knowing that their staff is always looking out for our best interest!

Thanks to Dr. Glatt and his dedicated team our son recently received a gleaming new smile! As promised, Dr. Glatt delivered an amazing set of caps for his much less than perfect teeth. He is now proud to smile-and for good reason! Dr. Glatt took great care to make sure each tooth was crafted and fitted to perfection. Even the most discriminating eye approves of his stellar work.

It is not the first time that Ocean Dental Expressions has exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend this practice to all!

Sam P.
I’d like to give kudos to Dr. Jonathan Glatt for his continued excellent care. I am someone who has for the most part of my life considered “going to the dentist” my least favorite thing. My experiences since being treated by Dr. Glatt have changed my feelings 180 degrees. Dr. Glatt has always taken the time not only to alleviate my fears, but his work is exceptional.

By using modern technology, Dr. Glatt showed me how my smile could improve with a change to a couple of front teeth. The changes he made are remarkable in that they look so natural. I am a completely satisfied patient who would recommend Dr. Glatt without hesitation.

Esther H.
I have been a patient at Ocean Dental Expressions for several years and the quality of work cannot be matched. The doctors and staff make you feel like family and they have some really cool gadgets too! They use a special light to check for oral cancer and when I needed a cap last year it was done in one day. The best thing was NO IMPRESSIONS! It was all computerized!

Dr. Glatt is awesome at giving injections. You don’t feel a thing! He listens if you have any concerns and seems to genuinely care about my feelings. I met Dr. Oleske once during an emergency appointment and he was also great! Really nice guy, great dentist! I would highly recommend Ocean Dental Expressions to anyone looking for quality dentistry with a personal touch.

Jane S.
At age 62, I was resigned to the fact that my teeth were deteriorating and would be a problem for me in the future. My teeth were yellow and I had a bridge and many cavities. Luckily, I had a vertical fracture in one of my teeth and went to Dr. Glatt’s office to see what could be done to salvage the tooth. Dr. Glatt examined my teeth and recommended a plan to get my teeth back in good condition. It was a long process-it took almost ten months to complete. I had two implants inserted, one to fix the broken tooth and one to fix the bridge. Along the way, I had work done on my gums and whitening for my teeth. It was relatively painless considering all the work done. It was well worth the time and money and my teeth are whiter and stronger than ever. I’m smiling and showing my teeth more than I ever would.

The whole experience from setting up appointments to the actual work couldn’t have been easier or more accommodating. I had been told by several neighbors how great the service and work was at Ocean Dental Expressions and couldn’t agree with them more.

Barry E.
Dr. Glatt is not just good at keeping smiles healthy and beautiful, he makes people like me feel comfortable and cared about, too. Thanks for being that kind of dentist”.
Joyce B.
I cannot thank you enough for the care and compassion you have shown me…It should have been difficult to place my trust in someone new, but you gained my confidence from the beginning. I am grateful for the time you have taken over the last 2 years to restore my smile, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!…
Caroline C.
Ocean Dental Expressions is the most positive dental experience I’ve ever had. Joseph A. Oleske, III, D.M.D. and Jonathan A. Glatt, D.M.D. is a great pairing of dentists. Their practice has the latest high tech equipment and dental procedures. I was very impressed with the whole experience starting with the doctors and including the staff. It is a well-run office that pays attention to detail. And because it was such a positive experience I won’t be putting off any follow up visits in the future. No one likes to go to the dentist, but at Ocean Dental Expressions you feel like you’re part of a family and I can honestly say, ‘It was painless'”.
Theresa T.
My smile was never completely perfect; I had one tooth that was out of place. After choosing the Invisalign system, my smile is 100% better than I ever expected! Thanks to Dr. Glatt and everyone at Ocean Dental Expressions for all your help!”
Michele C.
I am very pleased with all you do for me when I come to your office. You and your staff are very professional and helpful in every way. Know that I am grateful for all you do to make my SMILE so wonderful! God bless you and your staff.
Sister Joyce J.
Being a long time patient and being taken care of by such capable doctors and staff means the world.

I have been blessed that I met Dr. Joe Oleske, III, through his father, my prior dentist “Big Doc” while he was still in school. Although I was sorry to see “Big Doc” retire, I envied him. Well guess what… “your teeth don’t retire, and neither do the gums” and mine showed their ugly side. For me it was definitely a low spot and it was beginning to change who I am.

With much concern and vanity, I went to visit “Dr. Joey” and with a full consultation, I walked out of his office, which might I say has the best staff I could ever hope to greet me, with a feeling of “someone cares what I look like” and that was a very good feeling. I am in the public eye 8 hours a day at a job where your best foot forward is scrutinized, always on view and my smile is just as important as what comes out of my mouth.

Well Dr. Joey, you may be a kid in my eyes but you are an excellent dentist with abilities that surpass those twice your age and a caring demeanor which tugs at the heart of any mother.
Consider yourself a hero, for what you have done has made one Mom smile again.

If you perhaps ask your Dad he may know the old song “I’ll Never Smile Again Until I Smile at You”. Think of this… YOU were the first one I smiled at after my process. It was a thank you from my heart.

Barbaranne W.
I absolutely loved my Invisialign. I had conventional braces as a child and the difference is like night and day. There was significantly less pain associated with the movement of the teeth and they didn’t rip up my gums. I have recommended Invisalign to all my friends who are not happy with their smile. It’s so simple to change your own trays every 2 weeks. A couple weeks after starting I could already see and feel the difference as my teeth began to line up again. Now that I am complete with the treatment, I feel much more confident with my new smile. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Jessica K.
Throughout my life I’ve exuded confidence outwardly but was always cognizant of the widening gaps between my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Glatt, my confidence has grown exponentially. All I do is smile and accept daily compliments regarding how beautiful my teeth are. Dr. Glatt, “you are the man”!
Tim H.